The Greenwich Blue Coat Foundation is a Charitable Trust which was established in 1963 from the endowments of the Greenwich Blue Coat School for Girls upon it’s amalgamation with the Blackheath & Kidbrook Church of England Schools to form the Blackheath Bluecoat School. Under the terms of the trust deed the trustees are able to make awards to individual applicants of either sex who qualify (see qualifications below). They are not able to make awards to any other institution, group or body.

Qualifications for an award from the Foundation

Applicants must:

1. Be under 25 years of age


2. For not less than two years previous to their application been resident or

attending school in the London Borough of Greenwich

The trustees regret that they are unable to consider applicants who fall outside these qualifications.

The Foundation has a relatively small sum of money available annually and does not therefore usually make large individual awards. The average award is around £500.  

How to apply for an award

All applicants are required to fill in an application form which can be downloaded from the link on this page, or obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees, whose address also appears on this page. Completed forms should be returned to the Clerk. All questions on the form must be answered and the name of a referee provided. Permission should be obtained in advance from prospective referees. Failure to complete all the questions on the form may delay a decision by the trustees.

Awards are made at the discretion of the trustees

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Clerk to the Trustees,

Greenwich Blue Coat Foundation,

136 Charlton Lane,



Registered Charity No 312407


You may download copies of the Award Application Form and the Notes for Applicants here

Award Application Form

Notes for Applicants

An Adobe Reader (available as a free download by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page) is required to access these files.


Greenwich Blue Coat Foundation is a registered charity no 312407

The Trustees are particularly interested in supporting young people with limited means from the London Borough of Greenwich in furthering their educational or life skills or to assist their entry to a chosen career path. Please note that the trustees do not usually make awards to pay for maintenance or travel costs.